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The Upshot on Slickguns’ New Site

If you haven’t shopped for guns or accessories in a while, your heart may have stopped when you went to visit Slickguns.com only to get an error page. Surely Slickguns can’t be gone!


Rest assured, it isn’t.

Everyone’s favorite gun deals site is still going strong. They’ve just re-branded as the slightly more direct gun.deals. No fooling around here, just straight shooting. Here’s what we found on Slickguns’ new site.


What Are the Features?

Everything you knew and loved about Slickguns is still there. The front page has a familiar, tile based layout showing the latest user-submitted deals on new and used guns and accessories.

There’s still plenty of community input, too. Users can give items a thumbs up or thumbs down,  and submit reviews on items. The overall user rating is displayed on a deal’s thumbnail, which is a nice touch.

gun deals website

There’s also a system for you to select particular guns or accessories to monitor for deals. You can get alerts on these items by email or through the gun.deals app. You’ll need an account to do this, but signup is free and only takes a few seconds.

Ammo deals display the price per round, and you can also sort them this way. This makes it easy to price ammunition, instead of having to break out a calculator and a piece of scrap paper.

There’s also a separate coupon section on the new site, where you can find the latest discount codes for use on third party sites.

gun deals coupon

There’s a lot to like on Slickguns’ new site. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to find up-to-the-minute sales, or even if you’re just looking to set an alert for your favorite ammo – here’s looking at you, .22 LR – the new gun.deals is a top-notch site.

What’s Missing?

The user-submitted reviews are nice, but we can’t help but wish this site had a dedicated forum. The alternative Q&A system allows users to submit questions about particular deals. Unfortunately, the only place to view those questions is on a particular item’s page, which means you’ll only get input from other people who are checking out that product.

There are also no direct sales on this site. This was the case on Slickguns.com, and we understand why. It’s still important to keep in mind that this is a site for deals, not an independent distributor.

Tips & Tricks

  • Create an account. It’s free. Many of gun.deals’ best features are the ability to ask questions and get alerts via the app. If you don’t have an account, you’re missing out.
  • Take the time to follow particular products. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get new deal alerts.
  • Check out the coupons page. You may be buying your dream hunting rifle, or trying to get a new shotgun in time for duck season. Maybe you don’t have time to wait for a deal. In this case, it can still be worth checking out the coupon page on gun.deals. You’ll find discount codes for across the board savings on many of your favorite sites, and might still save money on your purchase.
  • Read the user reviews before you buy. The main reason to come to gun.deals is for the community of firearms enthusiasts like you. If you’re not going to take their advice, why visit?
  • If you’re a dealer, list your products. There are no special criteria for doing this. Just create a free account, and click the big “Post a Deal” button at the top of the page to get started.
  • Enter a contest. Users can enter contests to earn points by sharing deals with friends and other users. If you earn the most recommendations on a particular deal, you can get prizes like cool gun.deals swag or additional discounts.
  • Get the app. Why limit yourself to browsing on your desktop? You can get deals, alerts and answers to your questions on the mobile app.

What Are the Alternatives?

  • r/gundeals on Reddit. This subreddit has no official connection with gun.deals, but it features some great content. It’s also heavily moderated. There are no questions, extraneous discussions, cat pictures or spam. Just deals.

Private sales are banned on this subreddit. Dealers can post their own content, but are limited to one post per week.

  • TheGunZone. This isn’t a user generated site. It’s a curated one, so there are only a handful of deals per day. Still, because they’re curated, you know the deals are legitimate and not spam.

This site also has a daily blog, and a series of articles about all sorts of firearm related topics. The deals on other sites may be better, but Pew Pew tactical is worth a look for their articles alone.

  • Calguns.net. As you may have guessed, this site is geared towards California firearms owners. That said, it has an active user base from around the US and the world, with lots of interesting discussions.

The deals section has many links posted by users, and is generally up to date. Because Calguns is an open forum, some of these links are spam, but many of them are worth clicking on.

  • Palmetto State Armory. This is a gun dealer, not a user generated site, but we listed it because many of the deals show up on other sites on a daily basis. They sell a variety of guns, accessories and ammunition, and the “Deals” section on their website is always packed with bargains.

The Final Verdict

Slickguns’ new site is not a radical redesign or a dramatic story of death and rebirth. Gun.deals is a straightforward rebuild of the old site with a new name that’s easier to remember. The user community is still active, and deals are updated every few seconds.

Some gun sites are full of spam, or aren’t updated frequently. Others are run by people who haven’t updated their HTML skills since the 90s. Gun.deals isn’t all things to all people. It’s a site that’s based on user-generated content. With its active community and well-designed pages, Slickguns’ new site is right on target.

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