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Glock 43X Review

Glock, an Austrian manufacturer, is one of the most trusted luminaries in the world of modern polymer service pistols. Their all-new Glock 43X is a subcompact pistol with a single-row magazine with a capacity of 10 + 1. Its cartridge is the 9 x 19 caliber, which is a much-needed upgrade of the Glock 43, which has a bullet holding capacity of 6 + 1 bullets. 

In this Glock 43X review, we take you to the inside world of rigorous personal testing. And by the end of this article, you will be armed with all the knowledge and details you could ever need of this amazing handgun.

glock 43x review

Test: Glock G43X

The modern 9 x 19 defensive bullets coming out of the short barrel of a thin subcompact Glock G43X pistol achieves impressive energy values ​​of about 480 Joules. Therefore, buyers, pay attention to his rather energetic shot.

That is not all…

This new subcompact pistol from Austria is interesting as it combines lightweight construction and minimal dimensions with its excellent ballistic performance. The 9 x 19 is the most popular caliber in the global arms market for military and law enforcement agencies. Hence, you’ll get them easily and rather cheap.

What do users say?

Of course, the clientele is particularly concerned that their weapons should provide maximum comfort. As well as freedom of movement when hidden under everyday clothing. However, this Glock, like the Glock 43, has a single-row magazine. This makes it very thin and, therefore, especially comfortable to wear on the body.

Glock satisfies a substantial demand – primarily in the US market – for convenient self-loading pistols. And you should tap into its goodness.

Glock 43X Review – On Closer Inspection

The 43X is a completely new subcompact gun and is equipped with a Browning-Petter locking system. It has a skewed barrel and locking with a protrusion in the breech of the barrel for the extraction window on the shutter housing. 

The length of the barrel with the polygonal profile of the rifling has been reduced from 88 to 86 mm. And paired return springs with a telescopic guide are located under the barrel. 

The test: Glock 43X

The weight without a cartridge is about 500 grams. And its small size makes the Glock G43X an ideal, inconspicuous companion for self-defense.

Weighing only 530 grams with a magazine inserted. And with miniature dimensions of 165 mm (length) x 128 mm (height) x 28 mm (width). The G43X is an ultra-compact defensive pistol that can be hidden behind your belt or pocket without a cover. 

However, for obvious security reasons, we always recommend using some kind of carrying system. 

Pros of the Glock 43Xglock 43x shooting

The polymer frame with Safe Action ® trigger guard and integrated safety lever holds the magazine. With 10 rounds of ammunition and an additional cartridge, the firepower is 10 + 1 cartridges of a reliable 9mm Luger caliber. 

Design Properties?

The design of the frame indicates a fairly flat fit, but there is also a reserve magazine with an expanded heel. This is available as an accessory to provide a better grip. 

As with the previous G43 subcompact pistol, the mini handgun comes with grooved surfaces on the sides and front to provide additional grip. 

Cons of the G43X

As usual, the shutter latch lever is installed on the left-hand side of the frame only. This means that left-handed users will find it more difficult to reload.

Glock G43X at the Shooting Range

For the test, we chose mainly typical defensive ammunition. Since the subcompact Glock G43X pistol is the main or reserve weapon of 9 x 19 caliber. And is designed for self-defense or for hunting, especially finishing off game. We used seven types of factory ammunition with a bullet weight ranging from 93 to 147 grains.

The Safe Action ® trigger fuse, with partial pre-cocking, provided an average trigger force of 2,460 grams. The line of sight between typical Glock sights with a white border around the rear sight and a white dot on the front sight is 139 mm. 

Test: Glock 43X Review

We tested the G43X for accuracy from a sitting position, resting on a sandbag and shooting at a distance of 15 meters for 11 shots. Here a special expansive bullet – Speer Gold Dot 124 grain – showed the best result – 29 millimeters.  

By providing a breakdown impact, this load was improved by the explosive charge to provide high speed and low muzzle flash. This is especially welcome for shooting in low light at dusk. 

Registering a speed of approximately 345 m/s, it provided energy of 480 Joules.

But, there’s a catch…

It became apparent that when moving, the 43X needs to be held tightly in your hands to hit the target cleanly, especially when using rapid fire. 

Of course, we tested its functional reliability with a maximum of 10 + 1 rounds, but even then, all was as it should be.

Glock 43X Product Descriptionglock 43x

  • Total length: 165mm
  • Height: 128mm (with charger)
  • Thickness: 28mm
  • Weight: 465 g (without charger).
  • Weight: 530 g (with one empty magazine).

As all Glocks, exceptional protection against corrosion (more than 800 hours in salt spray). As well as against wear (superficial hardness of the barrel and cylinder head superior to industrial sapphire) are guaranteed.

It is delivered in the case with two chargers and a cleaning kit.

Other Glock Options

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Test Summary: Glock 43X

Glock to date has sold millions of its reliable polymer pistols worldwide. As is the choice of well over 65 percent of US law enforcement agencies, as well as being used by more than 50 of the world’s elite military units. The G43X is, therefore, a very interesting addition to the subcompact pistol market with its single-row 9mm Luger caliber magazine. 

With its low mass, its easy-to-find cartridges, and with its ideal size. This is a reliable, convenient, and above all, discreet companion for self-defense and, sometimes, for hunting.

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