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Best Tent Seam Sealers in 2022 – Top 5 Rated Reviews

Granger's Tent + Gear Repel

Granger's Tent + Gear Repel

Gear Aid Seam Grip SIL Silicone Sealant

Gear Aid Seam Grip SIL Silicone Sealant

Coleman 2000016520 Seam Sealer

Coleman 2000016520 Seam Sealer

Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep in a tent, like getting unexpectedly wet. Unfortunately, many campers are familiar with the feeling of waking up in water.

Even with proper care, most tents will require occasional maintenance. Tent seam sealer can be used to protect and waterproof your tent seams. In addition, it can often be used to patch small holes and even fix failing seams.

best tent seam sealer


There are many different types of sealants on the market, each with their own features. Here, we will show you some of the best we have found to help you decide which is the best tent seam sealer for you…

Top 5 Best Tent Seam Sealers Reviews

1 Gear Aid Seam Grip SIL Silicone Sealant for Silnylon Tents and Tarps

To start off, let’s take a look at the Gear Aid Seam Grip SIL. This is a silicone sealant that is designed for silnylon tents, tarps, and backpacks.

Only silicone will adhere to silicone…

Silnylon is nylon that has been treated with liquid silicone from both sides to increase its strength. Consequently, it is a common material for lightweight camping equipment. If you are using camping gear made out of silnylon, it is important to use a silicone based seam sealer. Keep moisture out with this tough, permanent silicone rubber adhesive.

In addition, this seam grip becomes elastic once it has cured. As a result, you will have both durable and flexible seals.

Can handle all types of weather…

Another benefit of using silicone tent seam sealer is the extreme temperatures it can withstand. Often, serious campers will find that they need a waterproof tent in both very hot and cold climates. Gear Aid Seam Grip SIL is weather-resistant for wetness protection in all conditions.

But that’s not all…

This seam sealer has the added benefit of being able to repair damaged gear for the ultimate waterproof camping experience. For example, you can use it to fill pinholes and small tears.

More bang for your buck…

Although this seam sealer comes in a relatively small 1.5 oz tube, it can seal up to 24’ of tent seams. As a result, one tube should seal all critical seams on most two-person tents.

Finally, this sealant is fully cured in just three to six hours. One quick application will provide a waterproof seal that is ready to last a lifetime.

Gear Aid Seam Grip SIL Silicone Sealant for Silnylon Tents and Tarps
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Only needs to be applied to one side of seams.
  • Rated up to 180 degrees Celsius.
  • Will create permanent seam seals.
  • Dries clear.


  • Can only be used on silicone treated fabric.
  • Must be applied in a thin layer.

2 Coleman 2000016520 Seam Sealer

Most serious campers like to waterproof their gear every season as a preventative measure. Similarly, tents and tarps alike need to have their seams sealed when they are first purchased.

Tent waterproofer…

If you are looking to waterproof seams and corners, the Coleman Seam Sealer may be the best tent seam sealer for you. It is a water-based urethane sealant that dries to clear in several hours.

Rather than acting as an adhesive, this sealant fills in small holes to prevent water from seeping through. But, it cannot be used to make gear repairs.

Beginner friendly…

The Coleman Seam Sealer has a simple design that even beginners will enjoy using. It comes in a bottle with an attached foam applicator pad. Therefore, all you need to do is remove the top and apply the pad directly to the seams.

However, there is a catch. Instead of simply coating the seams, this formula needs to be worked into the fabric to reach its full waterproofing potential.

Lastly, this sealant comes in a two ounce bottle. As a result, it can be used for multiple applications or several pieces of gear. Although sealing seams can be a daunting task, this sealant is sure to get the job done.

Coleman 2000016520 Seam Sealer
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Can be used on a range of fabrics.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Dries quickly with a clear finish.


  • Must be applied on a clean, dry surface.
  • May need multiple coats.

3 Granger’s Tent + Gear Repel / High Performance Tent Waterproofer

Next up on our list of best tent seam sealer is the Granger’s Tent + Gear Repel. So let’s learn all about it…

This tent waterproofer works in a different way than the other sealants we have looked at. In other words, it is a fabric seam sealer that is designed to replicate the original water-repellent finish on your gear. And it can be used on all types of fabrics.

Give Your Gear New Life…

Even the best waterproof camping gear will need to be re-treated with water repellent every few years. This is because exposure to dirt, dust, and water breaks down the finish over time. Moreover, even just basic cleaning can also compromise the finish.

With Granger’s Tent + Gear Repel, you can restore the waterproof finish on your camping equipment. As a result, you will stay dry even in the wettest of weather conditions.

In addition, this tent waterproofer is applied in a unique way. Your tent should be clean and wet before application. Then, you paint the repellent onto the fabric, wait several minutes, and sponge off the excess.

The repellent should be left to dry naturally before use.

Many Useful Applications…

Further, this repellent can be used on much more than just camping gear. For example, it can be applied to awnings, garden furniture, and even boat covers.

The water-based, fluoro-carbon free formula ensures maximum breathability. Above all, this repellent is environmentally friendly.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for your money back.

Granger's Tent + Gear Repel / High Performance Tent Waterproofer
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Can be used on all fabric.
  • Adds and restores water repellency.
  • Large one liter bottle.
  • Environmentally friendly formula.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Is not a traditional seam sealer.
  • Must be applied on wet fabric.

4 Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Sealant for Tents

Let’s take a look at the Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Sealant. This is a traditional seam grip glue that seals tent seams from the inside out. As a result, you will remain completely dry in even the heaviest of downpours.

What’s the Real Story?

Seams are usually the first part of a tent to let moisture in. This is because water tends to run to the sides of the tent and pool at the seams. However, this tent seam sealer is sure to save the day.

Gets the Job Done Quick…

The Gear Aid Seam Grip FC is a water-based adhesive sealant that cures in two to four hours. Therefore, it is a great option if you want to seal your tent seams at the last minute.

Most importantly, this sealant can be used on a range of outdoor fabrics, including nylon, polyester, and canvas — waterproof all kinds of gear, including tents, tarps, and pop-ups.

Unique Applicator Brush…

This tent seam sealer comes with an attached brush that makes application a breeze. As a result, you will be ready to enjoy your waterproof gear in no time at all. Simply apply a thin layer over clean and dry seams and wait several hours.

Above all, the water-based formula dries to a clear, flexible, odorless seal. In addition, it is long-lasting and should keep you dry during many adventures.

Finally, the Gear Aid Seam Grip FC comes in a two ounce bottle. One bottle should be enough to seal a 3-4 person tent or 60’ of seams.

Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Sealant for Tents
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Easy to apply.
  • Dries in 2-4 hours at room temperature.
  • Adhesive sealant that can also patch small holes.


  • One bottle may not be enough for larger tents.
  • Watery texture out of the bottle.

5 GEAR AID Seam Grip TF Tent Fabric Sealer for Waterproofing

Last but not least…

Finally, let’s look at the Gear Aid Seam Grip TF Tent Fabric Sealant. This product is a polyurethane waterproofing sealant that is meant to restore and replace old polyurethane coatings.

Any polyurethane coating is known to degrade over time. For example, it can become flaky, sticky, and even peel off. However, this fabric seam sealant replaces old coatings to bring your gear new life.

Most importantly, this sealant can be used on any synthetic material. It creates a waterproof seal while still remaining flexible.

Easy to Use…

The Gear Aid Seam Grip TF comes with a built-in foam brush to make application simple and easy. Therefore, you can restore your water-repellent tent finish in no time at all.

First, you must remove the old damaged coating from your equipment. Next, simply saturate the foam brush and spread a thin coat on the inside. It dries to a clear finish in four hours.

Come rain, come shine…

Above all, this formula is non-toxic so you can rest peacefully and worry-free. The coating is long-lasting to keep you dry through many rainy camping trips. It can be used on tent floors, rain flies, and tarps.

Finally, it comes in a four ounce bottle that can cover up to 85 sq ft. Your camping gear will be restored to like-new condition in just a matter of hours.

GEAR AID Seam Grip TF Tent Fabric Sealer for Waterproofing
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Polyurethane formula is also non-toxic.
  • Clear, waterproof sealant.
  • Flexible and long-lasting.


  • Works best with only one coat.
  • Must be applied very thinly.

Best Tent Seam Sealer Buying Guide

Now that you have decided to waterproof your camping gear, how do you decide on which is the best tent seam sealer for you?

We have put together a guide to show you what you need to consider before making your purchase. There are many things to keep in mind when choosing which sealant to buy. However, here are some of the most important…

  • Formula

First, it is important to think about what material you would like to seal. If you are trying to seal anything silicone based, you will need to use silicone sealant for a permanent bond. Other sealants will do the job in a pinch. However, they will need to be replaced at some point.

If your fabric has not been treated with silicone, you have more sealant options. Water-based formulas can be very long-lasting and are often non-toxic. In addition, many water-based sealants are environmentally friendly as well.

  • Bottle Size

Do you wish to seal the seams of a large tent? Or maybe you have several items of gear you wish to treat. If that’s the case, you will want to make sure you purchase enough sealant for the job.

tent seam sealer

Most of the products we have looked at come in a big enough bottle to seal one tent. However, some of the sealants come in larger bottles that are more budget friendly. If you are looking to waterproof many pieces of gear, a larger bottle is probably the way to go.

  • Application

Finally, how confident are you in your sealant application skills? Some tent seam sealers come in bottles designed for convenient application.

If you are a beginner, you may find it easier to use a sealer with a brush attached. On the other hand, more experienced campers may find they prefer a tube without an applicator.

Tent seam sealers today are engineered to be durable and long-lasting. No matter the formula, you are sure to have success waterproofing your camping gear. Most importantly, you will stay dry even in the wettest conditions.

So what's the Best Tent Seam Sealer?

It can be tough deciding on the best tent seam sealer to meet your waterproofing needs. However, we can tell you which tent seam sealer we are taking home. It’s the…

The Granger’s Tent + Gear Repel

This is easily the best sealant for the price. Although it is not a traditional seam sealer, it definitely gets the job done. Above all, it can be used on a wide range of gear, not just tents.

In addition, the large one liter bottle will ensure you have plenty of product. You will be sleeping peacefully in the rain in no time with this paint-on water repellent.

Happy camping!

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