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Best Scope For Scar 17 – Top 7 Brands In 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

To become a talented marksman, good equipment is essential. Whether you are interested in sport shooting or hunting, sighting and shooting accurately is the most important aspect. In the shooting range, it may not be so difficult, but when hunting, the target may threaten you with a miss, or simply, run away!

In addition to your Scar 17 itself, you should be able to rely on a good rifle scope. That’s why you will find in this best scope for Scar 17 review, all the best scopes for Scar 17 on the market.

Only with the help of a quality device can you reach your target effectively.

The market has many scopes that could prove useful to you. However, we will only be reviewing the best os the best to enable you to narrow down your search quicker.

Welcome to a world where all of your shots are on target!

So, let’s check out this Best Scope for Scar 17 review and find the perfect one for you…

scope Scar 17
Photo by Chase Pappas

Top 7 Best Scope For Scar 17 On The Market 2021 Reviews

1 Nikon P-308 Matte BDC 800 Rifle Scopes

The Nikon P-308 is manufactured with aerospace grade aluminum to make it durable. Essentially, you can use this scope in any weather. The scope is moisture resistant and has deflectors that ensure the sun’s rays do not affect your viewing.

Get on target…

The adjustment range on this scope is just right. Reaching up to 90 MOA, you easily get what you need, even for long range shooting.

This scope is designed especially for use with the 308 Winchester round. If you use this ammo type, then the compensation for recoil and drop are auto-calibrated by the Nikon P-308. However, you can also use it with other types of cartridges.

Good visibility…

This best scope for Scar 17 features a sharp color contrast. As is customary for all Nikon products, this one has a multi-coated lens. This helps ensure that you get good visibility even in low light conditions.

Nikon P-308 Matte BDC 800 Rifle Scopes
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Allows for all weather use.
  • Great for long, medium, and short range.
  • Bright coloration, even in low light conditions.
  • The turrets are quite fragile.

2 Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen I Riflescopes

The Vortex Optics is a scope that gives you the maximum adjustments for that perfect shot. You get an MOA of 220 with this superscope. Even better, it has an adjustable return to zero that you can easily count on.

You won’t miss the mark…

This unit is manufactured from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum. This material makes it shock and impact resistant, so it holds up indefinitely over time. Even better, it is also waterproof, so can be used in snow and rain.

Also, with this scope, the reticle is illuminated to give you an unparalleled line of vision. While its applications are great in the day, they also extend to low light conditions. At dawn and dusk, you will not miss the mark.

How is this achieved?

To complement the lighted reticle, the lens glass features extra-low dispersion. This special glass saturates colors and makes them a lot clearer.

Also allowing for use in the bright sun, as it has sun deflectors on the lens glass, this unit is an all in one.

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen I Riflescopes
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • Adjustable return to zero.
  • Wide adjustment range.
  • Waterproof.
  • The special lens offers superior clarity.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Adaptable for use in low light conditions.
  • Maximum zoom is 4 x magnification.

3 UTG BugBuster Scope

The UTG BugBuster is an inexpensive scope that offers you a lot of amazing features. The reticle on this scope estimates distance, so you can easily adjust for windage and elevation. The MOA adjustment is at ¼ per click, so you will be able to make even the finest adjustments.

Provides good contrast…

The reticle has either of a green or red dot illumination. There are interchangeable to provide a good contrast against what you are aiming at. This, in turn, provides you with decent eye relief.

As for clarity, the tube has an emerald coating that allows for maximum light transmission.

Other applications?

Yes, the BugBuster is well rounded. It is nitrogen sealed, so is fog proof and rainproof. It is also manufactured with rugged materials, so is shock and impact resistant.

Also providing you with flip open caps, you can safely cover the lens of your scope when you are not using this best scope for Scar 17.

To ensure you have full confidence in their brand, the UTG team back your purchase with a lifetime warranty.

UTG BugBuster Scope
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • Distance estimation scope.
  • Rad and green reticle variation to provide the perfect contrast.
  • Allows for fine adjustments.
  • Fog and moisture proof.
  • Waterproof.
  • Shock and impact resistant.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Not the best for use in long-range applications.

4 Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 Riflescopes

This best scope for scar 17 is unique; it does not require batteries to run. What makes this amazing is that even so, the reticle is still illuminated to give you a clear shot.

How does this work?

This military grade riflescope uses a special tritium/fiber optic cable. This special cable offers you a lighted reticle at all times. Even better, it adjusts its brightness automatically to fit the current lightning scenario.

Moving to the construction, it is quite sturdy. This unit is manufactured with 7075-T6 aluminum to make for a lifetime of durability.

Always get a proper view…

Another technology infused into this scope is the Bindon Aiming Concept. This technology ensures that even with your both eyes open, you still get a proper view.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, you can and should trust this product.

As complementary gifts, you will get a lens pen (for lens cleaning), a storage case, and a Trijicon logo sticker with your purchase.

Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 Riflescopes
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • Battery-free illuminated reticle.
  • Superior optical clarity.
  • The Bindon Aiming COncept allows for more practicality of its use.
  • Free lens cleaner and storage case included.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • High-end product.

5 Barska IR Hunting Scope

Great looks, great features. That is the definition of the Barska IR hunting scope.

One of the many amazing features of this scope is its reticle.

But what’s so special about it?

The reticle on the Barska can be shuffled between three colors – red, green, and black. These help you create the perfect contrast in any situation so that you will get a perfect view, and a great shot.

These are complemented by the lenses. The lenses on this unit are multi-coated. Hence, you get better light transmission and superior optical clarity.

Come rain, come shine…

For even more practical results, there is a sunshade over the lens. Hence, even in the bright of day, you are not affected by the suns rays.

This unit is shockproof, waterproof, and is resistant to moisture. Hence, you can use it in all weather without fear of damage. It will also hold up over time, as it is not affected by your gun’s recoil.

For storage, there are two caps included. These protect your scope’s lens when it is not in use.

Barska IR Hunting Scope
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Three reticle colors gives you the best option.
  • Multi-coated lenses for better optical clarity.
  • Lens sunshade for glare reduction.
  • Shock and impact resistant.
  • Water and moisture proof.
  • Two lens cover included.
  • Maximum magnification is 4 x.

6 Monstrum Tactical Rifle Scope

The Monstrum tactical has its reticle on the first focal plane. This means it won’t zoom with the rest of the unit. Essentially, this also means that you get a better aim, as it is a rangefinder reticle.

No re-coil issues…

With this best scope for Scar 17, you get a 14 x magnification, and generous eye relief (4.5 inches). You can thus take long, medium, and short range shots without fear of hurting yourself from the recoil of your gun.

Speaking about recoil, this unit is designed so that it is shock resistant. Hence, even if you drop it by error, it will still hold up without damage.

Clear views…

The Monstrum Tactical provides good clarity at all magnifications. The reticle can also be swapped between red and green to give you sharper focus against different settings.

Also waterproof, you can use this in all weather.

Included in the pack are lens covers, a carrying bag, and a lens cleaning cloth.

Monstrum Tactical Rifle Scope
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Special rangefinder reticle.
  • Two reticle colors to provide good contrast in different settings.
  • Shock and impact resistant.
  • Allows for use in all weather.
  • Free lens covers, carrying bag and lens cleaning cloth included in the pack.
  • The dark earth color of the scope is not a match for most users needs.

7 Bushnell Engage Riflescope

The Bushnell Engage is given a black matte finish to enhance its aesthetic value. Underneath this black coat is a single block of aerospace grade aluminum that promises the most durability.

With this scope, you get easy parallax adjustments. What makes this and the other settings most attractive is that once set; it does not move out of place. Even if you run, jump, or throw it, these settings remain the same, except if you change it intentionally.

This is quite practical and saves you the stress of having to recalibrate after only taking a few shots.

Ever clear…

The lenses on this unit have an “Exo barrier.” This special barrier makes your lens ever clear. Dust, water, debris, even fingerprints, will never show on your lens due to this next-gen feature.

The optics, likewise, are multi-coated to give you superb clarity.

Included in the pack are lens covers that protect your lenses when not in use.

Bushnell Engage Riflescope
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • Nice matte finish.
  • Rigid dials that don’t full out of place.
  • Special lenses that never require cleaning.
  • Multi-coated lenses for best optical clarity.
  • Free lens covers included in the pack.
  • The super thin reticle crosshair is easy to lose.

Best Scope For Scar 17 Buying Guide

Here are some things to take care of when buying your rifle scope.

Power of Magnification

The optimum magnification for a given task is individual. However, note the following:

Smaller magnifications such as 6x or 4x will allow faster shooting. Yet these are best for only short and medium range applications.

scope Scar 17 reviews

Magnification ranges greater than these will permit a higher resolution. However, these are usually heavier and require more calibrations before taking your shot.

Hence, make a pick depending on what your most important needs may be.


There are several versions of reticles. The main ones being the illuminated and the non-illuminated reticle. While the non-illuminated reticle has its advantages, we believe the lighted versions have a little more to offer.

With this, especially if you can interchange the colors, you get proper contrast against different backgrounds. For example, if you are aiming at a green target, you can swap to the red reticle, and see clearly your intended target.

Also, the illuminated reticle provides better practicality of use in low light conditions such as dawn and dusk, for example.

If you would like this flexibility, then we recommend that you buy a unit with an illuminated reticle.

Focal Plane

In addition, modern scopes offer the choice between two separate markers for the reticle inside the bezel.

These locations are known as the first focal plane (FFP) and the second focal plane (SFP). In SFP reticles, the magnification level of the telescope is changed, but the reticle remains the same size relative to the overall size of the image. This is useful because it provides a clear and consistent visual image at all levels of magnification.


When the reticle seems to change position relative to the object when the head is slightly displaced, it is the parallax in the riflescopes.

The lower optics do not correct parallax, but high-power scopes such as 9 x and above have a parallax correction button. For long-range shooters, you will need this feature.

scope Scar 17 review


A good rifle scope may cost a lot, but it’s worth it, as it gives you more precision in setting, repeatability, clarity, and durability. However, several entry-level models remain inexpensive while offering you a good light transmission and decent reproducible adjustments.

After checking out and ticking your needs with the points above, then you should go into a price comparison.

So, What’s The Best Scope For Scar 17?

To be a perfect shooter, you have to work hard and train well. While that remains true, any one of these best scopes for Scar 17 will place you on top of the game with much less effort.

While going for sport shooting or even for hunting, the quality of the device used matters a lot. That is the purpose of this review. All of these units are all weather resistant and rugged; they will hold up to a lifetime of use.

We hope we have been able to help you find the best quality scope for your needs.

For us, however, we believe that the scope that deserves special mention is the…

What amazes us most is its battery-free lighted reticles. This means you are set and ready at all times without needing to worry about replacing batteries.

Also, with this product, you get superior optical clarity, even in low light conditions. Even better, the Bindon Aiming Concept is implemented by this unit, to give you the best eye relief ever.

Included with extras like a free lens cleaner, a storage case, and a limited lifetime warranty, this unit is an all in one.

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