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Best Hinged Door Camping Tents 2021 – Top 8 Rated Reviews & Buying Guide

If you like camping and need a new tent, there are a few things to take into consideration before you whip out that card and place an order.

One of the popular features in many tents these days is a hinged door. It makes moving from inside to outside much more comfortable as you’re not tripping over the door or having to roll it back and tie it.

This is only one of the many features found on tents, but if it’s a crucial one for your camping needs, then you’re in luck. Below we have put together reviews of the best hinged door camping tents currently available, followed by a buying guide to help you choose the perfect outdoor shelter for your next adventure.

So, let’s go through them and find out which of these best Hinged Door Camping Tents is the perfect match for you…

best hinged door camping tents

Top 8 Best Hinged Door Camping Tents 2021 Reviews

1 Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

We are starting off this list with one of the lowest weight options for larger tents, with a 9-Person tent from Core that weighs only 18.3 lbs.

While the weight of the tent may not be your first consideration, it is one that many will want to take into account. If you plan to park at your campsite, then we would suggest you keep on scrolling.

If you’re hiking to a campsite, this is one of the best lightweight tents for its size.

With enough space to hold three queen air mattresses, and a center height of 72 inches, you’ll have plenty of space for your group plus some gear.

We will note that the 9-person figure seems inflated, and we would consider this more of a 6-8 person tent depending on how much gear you need to keep inside with you, and how big everyone in the group is.

Packed with features…

Like a few of the other tents listed below, the Core Extended Dome comes with an electrical cord access port, a lantern hook, side storage pockets, and a gear loft.

The best feature of this tent?

The removable rainfly! If you know it’s not going to rain; the mesh ceiling will keep out the bugs, without blocking the best view there is – straight up at the stars when you’re far enough away from city light pollution.

Best backpacking tent…

The overall quality of this tent is lower than some others listed here, which is mainly noticeable in the quality of the materials and stitching. While it may not be the most rugged, the weight and packed space savings that these thinner materials offer does make it one of the best reviewed if you have to carry it to the campsite.

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • One of the lighter tents reviewed.
  • Sleep under the stars with removable rainfly.
  • Less expensive than many options.


  • Poor quality materials.
  • Low-quality construction.

2 Coleman 8 Person Montana Tent

The Montana Tent by Coleman is another extended dome style similar to the above listing, but with its own set of strong points and weaknesses.

Best camping tent brand…

Coleman is known for its outdoor gear, and they make a great number of tents covering all styles. The Montana series is a great tent for 3-season camping, though we will note that the lack of a full rain fly and past complaints of weak seams during strong downpours suggest that this may not be the best tent for the wetter environments.

Lots of inside space…

With the head height reaching 6-foot and 2-inches, and a floor space covering 16 by 7 feet, your group will have plenty of space to get comfortable. Additionally, the extended door awning will help keep stinky shoes outside the tent but out of the rain.

We would again suggest that the 8-person ranking by the manufacturer is again stretching the limit, though if you’re able to leave all gear outside the tent, you may just squeeze that many in. However, due to its classification, we would call this one of the best 8-person tents for camping currently available.

Super easy tent to pitch…

With continuous pole sleeves and the pin-and-ring system, help make the set up effortless. Because you don’t go camping to spend all day trying to get your shelter up.

A tent with a power plug?

Well, just about. The Montana 8 Person Tent comes with an E-Port (similar to that mentioned in the tent above), so you can easily pass electric cord in from your generator or vehicle plug-in. A great way to stay connected when camping. If electronics are your thing when camping, please check out our reviews of the best electronic organizers.

Coleman 8 Person Montana Tent
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • A fair bit heavier than the above tent, but lighter than most listed here.
  • E-Port, because some people can’t disconnect even when camping.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Not the best waterproofing.
  • The tent poles aren’t the strongest.

3 Coleman 8 Person Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent

If you’re looking for a tent that goes up quickly and easily, then look no further than the fast pitch tent Coleman provides with the Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent.

The color-coded poles and hub work with the Coleman Insta-Clip suspension, while the pre-attached poles on the roof keep things super easy and clear. This is all rather helpful at providing a clear and simple setup, great for those with kids who want to help pitch the tent.

Best pop up tent in under 10 minutes…

With 13 X 9 feet of floor space, and 6-foot 8-inches of headroom you’ll have plenty of space to stretch yourself out. The oversized hinged door helps with ease of movement, while the panoramic windows help with the airflow.

Need a tent with storage space?

The Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent even has a built-in closet with shelves and a hanger crossbar, so you won’t be living out of your backpack even if you’re camping. There’s even an E-Port allowing you to add some lighting or electric sockets to your temporary shelter because we all like our creature comforts no matter where we are.

A tent with separate inside spaces?

We will note that again, the 8-person label seems ambitious, and in fact, we see this tent as a better option for a small family or for those who need a bit of extra space. This is made especially comfortable with the room divider that is provided for privacy or keeping the family pet in the tent but out of your bed.

Coleman 8 Person Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Separate inside spaces.
  • Built-in closet.


  • Poor construction and materials can lead to leaks.
  • Heavy enough, you likely won’t be backpacking with it.
  • Small rainfly won’t be great in proper rainstorms.

4 Coleman 6 Person Weather Master Tent

If you are headed anywhere that has swarms of mosquitoes or other smaller pests, then this is the tent you should take.

Additional screened-off room…

Not only is this a large tent with 11 X 9 feet of floor space and 6-foot 8-inch center height, but there is an additional floorless screen room that you can use to stay cool and protected while still being outside. This makes it one of the best family tents with screen room available on the market.

Best camping tent for your car…

With the tent features that are beginning to become standard on these style tents, including an E-Port for bringing weatherproof electric cords from an outdoor generator or vehicle plug-in. There is also a room divider for separate living spaces, storage pockets, and a rain fly to keep you all dry.

Ventilation is key…

Not only is this tent designed with a mesh ceiling for great airflow, but the windows are also angled to improve air movement while still keeping the water out. There are also two doors, one of which is hinged for easy use.

We would again point out that the lack of a full-coverage rain fly rules this out for any truly harsh weather. However, the overall design of the Weather Master tent screams sunny places for an escape anyway.

Coleman 6 Person Weather Master Tent
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Considerably more expensive than other options on this list.
  • Additional screen room.
  • Separate inside spaces.


  • Poorly constructed seams are known to leak.
  • Not the clearest instructions for pitching the tent.

5 Coleman Dark Room Sundome Tent

A more unique option from the Coleman brand is the Dark Room Sundome Tent.

We’ll save the best feature for last, so keep reading…

With two rooms for sleeping and a separate front room with a head height of plus 72 inches. This gives you a separate front room for storing your gear, playing cards, or letting Rufus have a dry space inside without being able to get to your sleeping bag.

There is a downside to this option, weighing in at 37 lbs. you certainly won’t be hiking to any far away oasis, but for car camping, it’s a great option. Besides, the weight comes with one key advantage.

Get the best sleep in the Coleman Dark Room tent?

The sleeping rooms of this bad boy eliminates 99% of sunlight. The unique extra-large blackout lining is definitely not a feature you’ll see on any other tent here, and would be wonderful for those with kids who still take naps, or for camping at festivals where you may want to party all night and sleep in the next morning…

Coleman Dark Room Sundome Tent
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Get a good night’s rest dark bedrooms.
  • Plenty of inside head height.
  • Separated inside spaces.


  • Heavy for backpacking.
  • The floor seems likely to leak.

6 Russian-Bear Winter Tent

One tent that is completely different from all other options here is the Russian Bear Winter Tent that offers a completely different level of protection from the elements.

The double layer walls of the tent help prevent condensation on the inside tent walls, and there is a stove to keep your clothes dry and the tent warm. The doors and windows have mosquito nets for those warmer times of years, so the air can come in but not the annoying little insects.

Detachable waterproof floors?

Yes, you can remove the floor of this tent, so it’s even great for those who want an ice fishing shelter. The safety stove is equipped with protective screens, and the opposite wall of the chimney is made of fireproof fabric, making this a warm and safe tent to use just about anywhere.

The best camping tent for 4 seasons…

This setup doesn’t leave you with as much room as the tents above, with the manufacturer recommending that there is room for three adults. However, there is still plenty of room for your gear, stove, etc., and more room to move around with 11.4-foot diameter and six and a half feet of headroom.

We would say if you really spend a lot of time outdoors or have need of a shelter for exploration into the harsher areas of this beautiful planet, this is the best expedition tent on the list easily as well as one of the best cold weather camping tents available.

Great for fishing and hunting…

Oxford 240D waterproof material will keep even heavy rain out, the stove will keep you warm in any environment, and the ventilation will keep you cool on warmer days. You will just need to get yourself to that ultimate destination. Carrying the 51 lb. tent and accompanying 22 lb. stove.

Russian-Bear Winter Tent
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Top-quality tent materials and construction.
  • Includes a tent stove for use inside.
  • Usable in all four seasons, unlike most tents on this list.


  • Considerably more expensive than others listed here.
  • Rather heavy compared to some.

7 Coleman Bayside 8 Person Tent

Swinging in the complete opposite direction as the listing above, the Bayside tent by Coleman offers a fair amount of space, but very little real protection from the elements.

Easiest tent to pitch?

This dome style tent has a front awning with side to create a porch area for lounging, and several windows and vents in addition to a single door to help with ventilation. Plus, the hinged door has a fastener, so you can save on needing to zip up every time you’re in and out.

Water resistant…

One thing to note is the waterproof level that Coleman labels this tent as, and that is…

Well, almost none.

Water resistant is not waterproof, and 800mm would be ineffective in any real rain. So, if you’re heading anywhere that might have more than a light sprinkle, then think twice about this spacious and very inexpensive tent.

However, being so close to home and easy to pack up and bring inside, this is a great option for the best tent for camping in the backyard.
Coleman Bayside 8 Person Tent
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Inexpensive, though not the cheapest.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Not what we would take anywhere with unpredictable weather.
  • Poor quality materials.

8 Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent

At about the same price range, size, and weight as the previous tent reviewed the Evanston, also by Coleman, is a similar tent in many ways.

A porch that’s actually usable?

The porch-like area on the Evanston is still too small for many but does offer room for camping chairs, shoes, some gear, and/or a stack of dry wood for the campfire. The hinged door has hook-and-loop fastening for ease throughout the day, just remember to zip it up at night.

Best dry climate camping tent…

With a comfortable 12-foot square and 74-inch center height, you’ll have plenty of space to sleep, and you won’t have to fight the tent to get it pitched with the snag-free continuous pole sleeves. There’s even Insta-Clip suspension for connecting the tent and poles effortlessly.

There’s even a 10-foot by 5-foot screen room, which you can use for additional relaxation away from the bugs but with optimal airflow.

Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Nice sized inside space.
  • Screened room and front porch.


  • Still not the best waterproofing.
  • Better materials than some, but still not adequate for any tough users.

Best Hinged Door Camping Tents Buying Guide

Hopefully, these reviews of the best hinged door camping tents has helped you narrow down the options out there, and to help you further with points to consider prior to purchasing, we have put together the following questions.

Where Are You Going To Go Camping?

Obviously, if you’re headed somewhere wet like the PNW, then you’re going to either want a tent that is truly waterproof to an adequate level, or you’ll need to treat your tent with a spray-on waterproofing, so you don’t wake in a puddle.

hinged door camping tents

If you’re headed to the desert, then you’ll be more worried about airflow, though summer thunderstorms in the dry regions aren’t completely unknown, so we suggest a tent with decent waterproof levels as a minimum.

Who’s Sleeping In The Tent?

If it’s just a few mates headed out for a long weekend reconnecting with the outdoors, then most of the tents here would be fine weather permitting. However, if you have kids or a dog along, then you may want to consider a tent with room dividers.

The Best Camping Tent With A Hinged Door?

If you’re headed out into the wilderness with the tent in tow, then you’ll either need one light enough to lug around or get yourself an alpaca or snowmobile depending on the location. We realize that most campers these days park next to the campground, but if you really want to get out there, pay close attention to just a couple extra pounds.

So, What Are The Best Hinged Door Camping Tents?

No matter where you’re headed, having a tent that is easy to move in and out of will make the trip that much more enjoyable.

If you still can’t decide on the right tent for you after looking over the above buying guide and reviews, then we would recommend the…

…as it’s the only tent on the list that you could truly use anywhere, anytime.

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