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Top 10 Best Ankle Holster For Your Budget 2022 Reviews

Commonly adopted for use by plainclothes policemen, and among armed servicemen, the best ankle holsters are definitely still relevant for good reason. Allowing you to “conceal carry” in the most discreet way, you always have the winning element of surprise whenever you need it.

But, as with all holster types, a few things need to be looked at before making a final pick. While several manufacturers may hype their brand, our review only gives you the truth about each product. We also list each with its Pros and Cons to help you make a better pick.

So, let’s check out the best ankle holsters on the market and find the perfect one for your needs…

Ankle Holster Pros And Cons

The main Pro of the ankle holster is its level of discreteness. Even when searched, except by very vigilant security man, you could very well walk through with your concealed weapon.

While it may impair your running ability, or walking fast, especially if it is your first time, there is a good side to this. Our ankles are not usually laden with weight, so you can feel your weapon all the time. A waist holster might tempt you to “touch and feel” it once in a while to be sure, which might easily give you away.

With an ankle holster, no need to touch, you will always feel it.

On the Con side, with the ankle holster, you should get ready to tick several items off your clothing list. Trendy clothes like tight jeans and shorts just won’t work anymore. In fact, a lot of regular clothes will not just be right for you anymore.

If you are a fashionista, this might make you want to rethink. In our opinion, though, we think the Pros outweigh the Cons. And flares never really went out of fashion, or did they???

But seriously, an ankle holster is easy to access in what we could call a vulnerable pose. Wrapping around yourself or sitting on the floor is quite likely to have your attackers laughing. Well, that is until you take control of the situation.

The same solid response is guaranteed if you are confined to a chair, for example.

If quick, surprise action is for you, then you need an ankle holster.

So, let’s go through the best of the best and find the right Ankle Holster for you…

Ankle Holster

Top 10 Best Ankle Holster You Should Buy In 2022 Reviews

1 Galco Ankle Glove/Ankle Holster for Glock

Available for both right handed and left handed, there is a Galco ankle holster for you. Designed to hold the Glock 26, 27 and 33, it is also compatible with several mini-sized handguns, semiautomatic pistols, and double-action revolvers.

This ankle holster is manufactured with pure steer hide leather for durability. This is fastened with a velcro strap to your ankle. It fits any ankle less than 13 inches in circumference.

Comfort is just so important…

Specially designed for everyday use, this item has a number of comfort features. First is its wide neoprene ankle band that offers you the most comfort of use. Within this pad is some sheepskin padding that further makes it feel like it’s part of your leg.

If you would prefer, you can go for the toe-the-calf strap option. This will enable you to run around freely without fear that your firearm will fall out. Whichever you choose though, the open top design of this ankle holster will give you quick and easy access to your firearm if the need arises.

Galco Ankle Glove/Ankle Holster for Glock
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Right and left-handed versions available.
  • Pure leather for durability and comfortability.
  • Velcro fastener.
  • Neoprene ankle band for added comfort.
  • Available calf strap option to eliminate movement restrictions.
  • Open top design for easy access.
  • The calf fastener is sold as an independent item.
  • Not compatible with a wide range of handguns.

2 Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra Nylon Ankle Holster

Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty is a general handgun fit. It is sold in two variants that hold all types of small and medium handguns. There is, therefore, one for both right and left-handed individuals.

But how does it work?

This holster has two strap points; one at your ankle, and the other at your calf. This makes it as firmly in position as can be. After tightening it against your leg, then you slot your handgun in the space provided.

The Uncle Mike’s works with all handguns, as its velcro strap is adjustable. Once your firearm is in place, cinch down the thumb break to fit, and you are good to go.

Comfortable, the soft knit fabric of this holster can be worn all day. To retrieve your weapon, pull the thumb break, and you get full instant access. The thumb break is a useful option, as it ensures your firearm stays put, even when you run or walk briskly.

Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra Nylon Ankle Holster
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • General small/medium handgun fit.
  • Right and left-handed versions available.
  • Ankle and calf fastener, and thumb break to prevent movement restrictions.
  • Soft knit fabric for user comfort.
  • May slide down when in use.
  • Not very comfortable for long time use.

3 Pro-Tech Outdoors Ankle Concealed Holster Fits

The Pro-Tech Outdoors is designed for prolonged use. It has four layers of different materials that allow for a comfortable experience at all times. At its outermost is Cordura ballistic nylon. This military grade fabric offers enhanced tear and abrasion resistance. Thus, the Pro-Tech holster is very durable.

The next layer is made of a vinyl vapor barrier. This keeps possible sweat off your gun. The last two layers are manufactured with a special inner padding and a soft inner lining, respectively. These combine to provide comfort to you at all times.

Easy to use…

Simply adjust your ankle holster against your ankle. Then fix it tightly with the provided nylon velcro strap. It works for both large and small feet, as the velcro goes halfway around the holster. There is also an elastic that makes it a better fit for most leg sizes.

Once that is done, insert your firearm (small or medium handgun) and secure it in place with the provided thumb break.

No questions asked…

You get a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee with this product.

Pro-Tech Outdoors Ankle Concealed Holster Fits
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Soft lining and padding for comfortable prolonged use.
  • Vapor barrier to keep your gun dry at all times.
  • Near universal fit for small and medium-sized handguns.
  • The wide velcro and elasticized design make it a fit all ankles.
  • 30-days full refund guarantee.
  • The elastic cuts of blood circulation when fitted too tightly.
  • Not for left-handed users.

4 Desantis Die Hard Ankle Rig – Black Right Hand

The DeSantis ankle holster is manufactured with top quality saddle leather for durability. This leather is then coated with top grade PU coating to make for even more product durability. This material combination has been used widely by law enforcement agents, so you can be certain it is of unmistakable quality.

An easy and smooth draw…

The interior leather makes it easy to draw your weapon. This material type will slide out your firearm easily, smoothly, and without scratches.

To use this ankle holster, wrap the neoprene band around your leg. Neoprene has a reputation for being a comfortable material, and that is just what you get with the Desantis Die Hard. For even further comfort during long periods of use, it is lined with sheepskin and padded with foam.

Add on and run faster…

If you wish, you can add either of the calf strap or the boot extender to your purchase. These will offer you more running and brisk walking opportunity.

However, without either, you can be sure that your gun will not shake or fall out as this ankle holster has a stiff snap that locks your gun in place. You get an exact fit, as there are two variants for Glock 42 and Glock 43 handguns respectively.

Desantis Die Hard Ankle Rig - Black Right Hand
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • For the Glock 42 or the Glock 43.
  • Manufactured with top grade materials.
  • Interior leather lining makes drawing your firearm a breeze.
  • Sheepskin lined and foam padded neoprene ankle band for comfort.
  • Stiff snap thumb break.
  • Only compatible with two Glocks.
  • The snap thumb break is usually tough to get open.
  • The non-flexible thumb break makes for very limited handgun compatibility.
  • Not for left-handed users.

5 DTOM AH3 Neoprene and Nylon Ankle Holster

Designed as an exact fit for the Ruger LCP, the S&W Bodyguard 380, the Walther PPK / PPK-S, and the Beretta 3032, this is a small sized handgun holder. However, its unique design makes it a universal fit for all subcompact handguns; its thumb break’s velcro strap has an adjustable gap range to fit any gun in this category.

This ankle holster has a full neoprene interior for all-day comfort. It also has a soft high-grade yarn lining that adds to this. This material absorbs sweat and ankle moisture nicely, to avoid irritations caused by long term use.

Fits nicely…

The DTOM AH3 has a tight-fitting velcro strap. It fits nicely around ankles up to 11 inches in diameter. It offers the wearer flexibility and proper mobility due to its interior material.

Super lightweight at 0.2 pounds, and not requiring any extras to make it fit and work fine, this ankle holster is one to look out for.

DTOM AH3 Neoprene and Nylon Ankle Holster
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • Universal fit for all subcompact handguns.
  • Padded neoprene interior for long term comfort.
  • Offer no mobility restrictions.
  • Lightweight and compact for better comfort.
  • Small range; 11 inches max ankle compatibility.
  • Not for left-handed users.

6 UTG Concealed Ankle Holster

If you are not into sizing and measurements, then the UTG concealed ankle holster is the item for you. No limitations, it fits nicely all small and medium-sized handguns.

It achieves this as the thumb break has a wide velcro attachment. Simply move it up or down to fasten it over the top of your firearm.

Go about your regular activity…

This ankle holster has an integrated calf strap. Thus, you can run, jog, and go about your regular activity with an absolute peace of mind. Both the ankle and the calf strap are held to your leg with a hook and loop velcro strap, which is adjustable to fit both large, medium, and small legs.

For comfort, the whole interior has a soft padding. This makes it suitable for long term use. The calf strap and the ankle holster are held together with an elastic material, which is also comfortable when in contact with your ankle.


This product is manufactured with industrial grade heavy duty materials for durability. Down to the elastic strap, and the velcro, it is extra fortified for durability. It has been built to handle the most demanding applications.

UTG Concealed Ankle Holster
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Manufactured with top quality materials.
  • Universal ankle and calf fit.
  • Fits all small and medium-sized handguns.
  • Integrated calf strap for unhindered user mobility.
  • Soft interior for comfort.
  • Not for left-handed users.
  • The gun holster does not have tight-fit options to move it closer to your ankle – it dangles your gun.

7 Lirisy Ankle Holster

To ensure that you get the perfect fit for you, the Lirisy ankle holster is sold in any two sizes. The smaller size fits up to 13-inch ankles while the larger size fits up to 15-inch ankles. While it is unlikely that you have a 15-inch ankle, unless you really are spending too much time in Gold’s Gym. The size offers the option to wear your ankle holster over your boot.

Never slips from its position…

This ankle holster has an integrated calf strap. This offers you better mobility as it ensures your holster never slips from its position no matter what activity you are engaged in. Both the ankle holder and the calf strap are fastened to your leg with a strong stick strap to ensure this.

For your comfort, the Lirisy ankle holder is manufactured with foam padded thick neoprene material. The material has tiny breathable holes that eliminate ankle and calf sweating. You will, therefore, be comfortable, even when you wear your ankle holster for a long time.

A universal fit for all users…

While this unit is designed to be worn on your right leg, it is ergonomically designed to be worn inwards for right and left-hand draw. This ambidextrous design and its two size variants make it a universal fit for all users.

To make for even more trouble-free compatibility, the elasticized gun holder fits all compact and subcompact handguns. Put it in position, and hold down your firearm with the included snap thumb break.

Offering you a lifetime guarantee, you should feel totally comfortable with this product. However, you are unlikely to ever need this as it has been designed to give you the best user experience at all times.

Lirisy Ankle Holster
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • Two sizes.
  • Integrated calf strap for unhindered user mobility.
  • Manufactured with breathable neoprene for long term comfort.
  • Rotatable holster to make for ambidextrous use.
  • Universal small and medium-sized handgun compatibility.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Fragile snap.
  • The snap thumb break does not offer proper fastening for small guns.
  • The inward rotation is not very comfortable for left-handed users.

8 ComfortTac Ultimate Ankle Holster

The ComfortTac Ultimate ankle holster is true to its name. For the most comfort, it is sold in either of two sizes; a 13-inch max, and a 15-inch max. Whether you have a big ankle or you would like your ankle holster over your boot, both options are provided.

A match made in heaven…

The design of the ComfortTac makes it a match for all compact and subcompact handguns. The gun holder is elasticized, so it will hold either of both gun sizes easily. The snap thumb break also has some elastic, so will stretch to hold down a compact handgun too.

This elastic, however, will not lose its strength over time as it is manufactured with surgical grade elastic. To add, this material is also skin friendly.

Comfort all the way…

The unit on its own likewise offers you a high level of comfort. It is manufactured with neoprene, which has a history of providing unrivaled comfort to its wearer. To add to this comfortable experience, though, a foam pad is behind where your gun sits.

This pad serves a second function of keeping your gun dry, even if you sweat at your ankles.

Guaranteed to be good for all users…

You get a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee with this product. No worries, because even if you are left-handed, the ambidextrous design of this ankle holster will sit nicely on your left leg.

ComfortTac Ultimate Ankle Holster
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Two sizes.
  • General small/medium handgun fit.
  • Integrated calf strap for unhindered user mobility.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • High-grade rubberized holder for durability.
  • Neoprene structure with a slight foam padding for long-term comfort.
  • 30-day guarantee.
  • No calf fastener to offer the user the most flexibility (running, jogging) with a heavy gun.

9 Bear Armz Tactical Ankle Holster

The Bear Armz Tactical is very comfortable. Manufactured with breathable, anti-slip neoprene material, you can count on it staying put, and your comfort when you wear it. It stays properly in position as it is fastened to your leg at both your ankle and your calf.

To add, this material is breathable, so you never feel sweaty or itchy even when used for a long period.

Holds your firearm firmly in place…

This ankle holster is also a universal fit for all small and medium-sized handguns. The gun holster is elasticized and stretches to hold your gun firmly in position. For further gun safety, even when you engage in vigorous activity, there an adjustable velcro strap that holds your firearm firmly in place.

Even better, with this ankle holster, you get space to keep an extra magazine. In a practical sense, not every situation will warrant your gun. Thus, while this space is provided for an extra round of ammo, you could use it to hold some pepper spray, a foldable knife, or a mini size taser.

And there’s more…

You can adjust this holster for ambidextrous use. The non-slip makes it compatible for inward wear, or to be worn on either leg, to enable easy left-hand draw.

Manufactured with top grade material, you get a good product and a worry-free purchase, as the Bear Armz team back their product with a lifetime warranty.

Bear Armz Tactical Ankle Holster
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Breathable neoprene material for all-the-time comfort.
  • The non-slip interior makes it compatible with any activity you have in mind.
  • Universal small/medium size handgun compatibility.
  • Extra space for storing ammo, pepper spray, etc.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • The gun holder elastic does not stretch enough to fit several compact gun models.

10 Concealed Carrier LLC Ankle Holster

Manufactured by a team of combat veterans, gives you an idea of the kind of detail that went into this product. To give you a hint, you get a lifetime warranty with the Concealed Carrier LLC.

But what do you get with this product?

This ankle holster is manufactured with padded elastic neoprene. This elastic type is of surgical grade, which is skin friendly. This elastic design also makes it a fit for all calf and ankle sizes.

Simply adjust it slightly, and get going…

To enhance this comfort feature, however, the neoprene is breathable to avoid sweating even when worn for a long time.

What makes this product most unique is that the gun holder can accommodate all handgun sizes. Small, medium, or full sized, bring it on! The gun holder’s elastic will stretch to fit. Once in position, use the likewise elasticized snap thumb break to hold your firearm in position.

What’s more?

This holster is fully non-slip. Thus, even with heavy weapons, it stays in one place. It even offers you the ability to run and an even to play sports as it sits tightly whilst remaining ever comfortable. Why you would need a firearm while playing sports, we don’t really know and were a little afraid to ask?

It even has a side pouch…

The Concealed Carrier LLC can be worn on both legs. Your gun can also be positioned either way to make this holster fully ambidextrous. To make things better, it has a side pouch wherein you can keep some extra ammo, a folding knife, some pepper spray, or a taser.

True genius, isn’t it? Well, would you expect anything less from a group of Vets with practical experience?
Concealed Carrier LLC Ankle Holster
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • Fits all handgun makes and models.
  • The elastic structure makes it a universal ankle and calf size fit.
  • The non-slip feature guarantees proper positioning at all times.
  • Surgical grade, breathable structure for comfort.
  • Extra space for storing ammo, pepper spray, etc.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Not for very weighty guns as advertised.

Best Ankle Holster Buying Guide

While all the ankle holsters in this review are the best currently available, several holsters provide more comfort and practicality of use than others. So, check out the following details that will help you pick out the best ankle holster for your needs.

Here are a few general tips to guide you:


Your ankle holster should not position your gun in a way that is unsafe to you. Not to worry, no holster in this review does that. However, you do need to look at the actual size of the gun holder on the holster.

If you buy too small a unit, you might unintentionally disable your gun safety switch when putting your gun in place. The switch is there for a good reason, so buy a properly sized ankle holster for your gun.

Ankle Holster reviews


Most ankle holsters are never too large, as they have a retention thumb break strap. However, buying an appropriately sized model is best. If the gun holder is too large, it could move your gun around compromising your comfort and easily giving you away.


How easy is it to get your gun out? The reason why you are buying an ankle holster in the first place is for stealth. The best models have a thumb break that offers you no issues in removing it easily.

In our opinion, a velcro strap makes some noise when opening and usually requires more than one finger. If you want a stealth strap that you can get off with your thumb in a single motion, then go for an ankle holster that implements a snap thumb break feature.


Are you likely to wear this all day? If so, the most comfortable holster should is a must. Neoprene is quite comfortable and is durable, and that is what most of the best ankle holsters are made of.

For the most comfort, though, buy an ankle holster that has a calf strap. This spreads the weight of your gun over a wider surface area to make for the most comfort. Besides, it allows you more freedom of movement.

Furthermore, buy a breathable unit. One that does not breathe will leave you sweating. If you can manage to walk through that unpleasantness, you definitely will not be able to withstand the itching when it sets in after some time. Therefore, look out for this important feature.

Lastly, the interior should be padded to allow for long-term comfort.

Ease of Placement/Adjustment

The best ankle holsters do not have a million straps. They have only two or three. A few though, have a lot and require quite a bit of work to get in and out of your legs. The ankle holster should be a no-brainer, so buy a unit that requires very little effort to wear and remove, while offering you the best features.

Most importantly, though, is to buy a unit that is either ambidextrous or is a fit with your dominant hand. Then check the adjustments and ensure that the model you pick will fit both your leg size and your gun size.

So, What’s The Best Ankle Holster?

A concealed gun’s purpose is obviously pointless if everyone can figure out where it is. If they do, even a single unarmed individual could, with some effort, disarm you. For the most practicality and convenience in carrying your handgun, you need the best ankle holster for concealed carry.

If you have not already, we would recommend you go through our buying guide. In it are helpful tips that will help you make the best of your purchase.

If you are still in doubt, our pick for the best ankle holster is the…

Durable and ergonomic, it’s an excellent choice. This model is one of the few that holds all handgun sizes without slipping, so it is a perfect fit for everyone. Also a universal fit for all leg types, you really do not need to worry about a proper fitment.

Even better, its design is ambidextrous and is breathable for all day, all night comfort. Also offering you a slot for extra ammo or miscellaneous items such as pepper spray, a taser, foldable knife, etc., your safety is assured.

You joy too is assured, as you get a lifetime warranty with this product. In our opinion, this is the best ankle holster on the market today!

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